The Scholarships

Before the first event in 2012, we sifted through multiple ideas on what would be the best way to give in honor of Josh. We decided that scholarships were the route we wanted to take, and we’ve been able to make several scholarships available to Milton High School graduating seniors ever since.

Any graduate meeting the criteria we have set can apply at the high school for a chance to win a scholarship for the year. The winners are announced at the awards night held at Milton High School; however, we hand out the scholarship checks to all winners on Saturday evening of the Pelton Memorial. The Pelton family and a representative from our committee present the checks to the recipients. As a stipulation of the scholarship we ask that the current year winners donate 8 hours of their time to the current year’s event. We feel that this is a good way for them to see how the money was raised and also help continued growth in the event. The winners for each year are selected by the Peltons and the committee.

Thanks to all of the support and generosity we’ve received, we will be giving out 4 scholarships in 2018!

Pelton Alumni

Below is a list of the scholarship recipients of years past. We are very proud to call them our Pelton Alumni and hope to see them return year after year!

Alison Blaser
Ellen Crofts
John Keller
Wyatt Stoller

Karlee Krebbs
Bailee Collins
Brittany Churchwell
Alexis Henry

Morgan Ezdon
Brittany Riesterer
Abigail Bauer

Danielle Dahl
Anna Gunderson

Brady Farnsworth
Zyann Furseth

Kaylee Gransee